Project Description

Bonzano veneered panels: quality, technology and tradition

Bonzano veneered panels are synonymous with uncompromising quality.

Over 50 years of experience in the industry and the tireless and passionate work of our qualified staff, allow us to offer a broad, high quality and highly customisable range of veneered panels, satisfying demanding and attentive customers all over the world.

Veneered panels are produced by attaching veneers (real wood) to both sides of a support panel, using precise artisanal techniques.

In order to help you select your Bonzano veneered panels we have created a dedicated technical and consultancy team at your service, following our customers step by step, guiding them throughout the customisation process and taking any specific needs into account.

The first step is to choose the type of wood and the Bonzano range, one of the largest on the market, includes over 40 different kinds, ranging from traditional to more contemporary nuances.

The next step is to decide the trunk shearing method, which will influence the appearance of the veneer and the visible veins. The Bonzano team is ready to give assistance and explain the differences between the different types of shearing to customers, in order to provide them with a clear view of the final result.

The third stage involves joining the sheared pieces using the technique requested by the customer, combining modern technology with the ancient wisdom of knowledgeable artisans. Multiple lamination options are available at this stage and the customer will be guided in search of the most fitting solution.

In order to give an extra touch to the product, a surface finishing treatment is available. Bonzano is the only panel producer in Italy, and one of the few in the world, to have its own cutting-edge in-house painting line, being able to fulfil even the most exacting requests.