Project Description

LSB: the engineered panel for many different applications


Thanks to its high technology content, innovative features and solid ecological credentials, the LSB panel is a truly unique product of its kind.

Designed by the Bonzano Group, the LSB panel meets the highest quality standards in many fields of application: interior design, pleasure boating, large shipbuilding, automotive. Used for the production of doors, furniture and kitchens, it is the ideal panel to be plated, laminated, lacquered and digitally printed, a trend that is experiencing a period of unstoppable growth.

LSB is an extremely solid and resistant panel, highly engineered, with a mechanical performance comparable to that of multilayer panels, but with lower costs.

Its special structure consists of five layers: the two outer layers consist of poplar micro-particles, while the three interior ones alternate strands of poplar positioned longitudinally with alternating transverse strands to offer optimal solidity. Made only with virgin poplar wood from certified plantations, it is intrinsically light and easy to use, which is characteristic of this wood: it does not chip and the tool wear is over 30% lower than with other types of wood. Unlike recycled panels, the LSB panel also ensures complete control and traceability of the supply chain, as well as certainty regarding the raw material used.

And that’s not all. Unlike traditional wood panels, the LSB Panel is characterised by a different density between the various layers, which provides the customer with a product that is light (average density 540 kg/m3) and resistant at the same time (density on external faces > 800 kg/m3).

Another feature that makes the LSB panel unique is the waterproofing and formaldehyde-free bonding, testified by the exclusive ZERO brand of the Bonzano Group. The LSB panel production process uses MDI (Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate) glue, a type of gluing that ensures high mechanical strength and resistance to humidity. Precisely for this reason the LSB panel is water-repellent and comes within the EN 335-2 category for damp indoor or outdoor undercover environments.

Every LSB Panel is made entirely using virgin poplar wood from FSC® and PEFC™ certified plantations. The plants are cultivated outside forests and are re-planted after felling.

By opting for an LSB panel, therefore, you are buying a versatile, resistant and high quality product that is also a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.