Project Description

New 2018-2020 Laminates Catalogue

2018 has begun with some important and exciting developments for the Bonzano Group.

Developments on the corporate front, with new acquisitions that began in previous years and which have led to the birth of the new corporate brand, but also in production terms, with the presentation of new product lines. Among these, the creation of the Laminated Panels division undoubtedly stands out.

Building on its great experience in the production of wood panels – developed over 70 years in the business – Bonzano has launched the 2018-20 collection of a dedicated line of HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and CPL (Continuous Pressure Laminate) laminates which, thanks to constant collaboration with architects and designers, based on an ever-modern and fashionable aesthetic, can be combined with the wide and diversified range of Bonzano wood panels, to create tailor-made solutions specific to each context.

All the laminates available in the catalogue are resistant to impacts, scratches and wear and do not lose their hue and colour over time. They are also heat-resistant, hygienic, practical and easy to clean.

The choice is further enhanced by the wide range of colours and decorations, which offers endless possibilities in every field of application.

The Bonzano Group’s laminates department is able to support the customer through all stages of the design process, in order to produce tailor-made products for every need and application.
For more information about Bonzano laminates, visit the dedicated section of the website.